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Here are just a few of the comments on Handbook for the Huntress from the media:

You Magazine

If, like many women you've kissed too many toads and haven't even sniffed a prince yet this book is for you. Caroline will walk you through the do's and don'ts of hunting down a modern, house-trained male with lashings of humour. She offers practical pointers to ditching the undeserved, spotting the "bruised bananas" and recognizing bachelors with potential. Handbook for the Huntress is the best tonic I've downed in ages! - You Magazine (Helen Grange)

Sunday Times Magazine

Caroline Hurry always makes me laugh while teaching me something new. You'd be wise to join the queue for this book. - Linda Shaw, Sunday Times magazine.

Sawubona Magazine

Handbook for the Huntress by Caroline Hurry is essential reading for the modern huntress in search of a man. Filled with seriously good practical advice, side-splitting humour and sisterly compassion, this book inspires women to take control of their lives and love lives and go forth into the relationship jungle with new-found confidence. - Bridget Hilton-Barber, author of Garden of My Ancestors (Penguin)

Elle Magazine

This is not the usual dirge about how to find your ideal man. Take the quiz to find out whether you're a Huntress or a Mattress and then read the A-Z on how to deal with your man. There are gems such as emotional plasters, doormat, faking it, psycho bait and toy boys. Quite simply superb!

Heat Magazine

Okay, the sub-title is "How to grab a really great husband" so it would be easy to misjudge this book as another dictatorial "do's and don'ts" for snaring a man. But it's not. If you're yearning for Mr Right, but keep getting Mr Right Now, maybe you need to audit your huntress potential. Then, of course, when you face obstacles (such as he doesn't call) you can simply refer to the Huntress guide to deal with them. It's slightly tongue-in-cheek but has some amazing truths that hit home - about self-esteem and self-love (no Kabbalah - sorry).

This local author has hit on a formula and by golly, it works, so if you are looking to settle, who knows, this book could be the nail in the coffin of some unsuspecting male out there! (This book was given four out of five stars and reached No 2 on Heat's best-seller list) - Nikki Temkin

The Citizen Newspaper

Handbook for the Huntress gives you the low-down on how to find that perfect man. If you read her book you will think twice about wanting a man, just any man, but you will be sure to go about hunting your target with A for attitude, B for balls and C for confidence.

The Sunday Independent:

Caroline Hurry's manual reads as a continuation of the amusing lunch with "the girls" that inspired it and had the country's talk-show hosts tripping over each other to interview her... What she really is promoting is a defiant brand of feminity and feminism - a kind of Marlene Dietrich aesthetic - a woman open to everything as long as she remains on top.

The Rosebank Killarney Gazette

Handbook for the Huntress is a self-help book to jolt all hopeless romantics back into reality with tongue-in-cheek innuendos and a blatant disregard for Hollywood-style romance. The book includes tips on how to hunt down Mr Right without compromising yourself in the process... However don't assume this is just another chick book to be tossed on the shelf with all the other self-help versions, for this book is filled with a healthy dose of wit, common sense and should be read by both men and women. - Amy Henderson

Fanatics Quarterly

Caroline Hurry has fished in enough ponds to recognize that your 20s are for hanging around with losers and shakers. In your 30s you don't have time for such excesses and at 35, conventional wisdom dictates that a woman's chances of finding a husband are about as strong as Robert Mugabe winning the Nobel Peace Prize. So at 37, she decided to relax and enjoy her view from the top shelf. Handbook for the Huntress is for women who yearn for Mr Right, but keep finding Mr Right-off or Mr Left-Me-Bereft. It includes a quick audit on your huntress potential, tips on how to hunt and a concise Huntress Dictionary dealing with some of the issues confronting women in relationships and how best to face them.

Shape Magazine

Handbook for the Huntress is an essential guide for survival in the urban savannah.

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