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Open your mind to new information! Find happiness!

Become a magnet for men who are worthy of your affections.

Tired of banging your head against the same brick boyfriend? Want some advice that works? Congratulations! You've on the right page.

If you're bored with emotional roller-coasting, then you'll love the huntress's no-nonsense approach to manifesting the man of your dreams.

Share her techniques of tracking, disorientation, redirection and capture or, if the quarry turns out to be not quite to her liking, release with minimal injury.

Here's what the Press had to say about Handbook for the Huntress

"The best tonic I've downed in ages!" - You Magazine (Helen Grange)

"You'd be wise to join the queue for this book."- Linda Shaw, Sunday Times magazine

" ...essential reading... this book inspires women to take control of their love lives and go forth into the relationship jungle with new-found confidence." - Sawubona Magazine

"... some amazing truths that hit home. "- Heat Magazine

" ...an essential guide for survival in the urban savannah." - Shape Magazine

" ...the low-down on how to find that perfect man. " - The Citizen

" ...filled with a healthy dose of wit, common sense and should be read by men and women." - The Rosebank Killarney Gazette.

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Let the huntress inspire you to open your mind to new information, to find balance, happiness and joy and become a magnet for men who are worthy of your affections.

Discover the huntress's secrets for health, energy, love and success.

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He runs from intimacy

Nigel would kiss and cuddle her in public, but when they got behind closed doors, he came on like a monk. "He puts his arm around me and acts all physical but it's a sham. I've tried..."

Make your move

Taking the initiative with him is like taming a skittish stag. Don't startle him. Your best approach is to tempt him with your wares. Display the bait then lie low for a while. Let him graze on the lush plains of his own fertile imagination...

Ex marks the spot:

I tried to warm my hands over an old flame and got burnt. For years, the embers of nostalgia kept me on the boil. Until one day my soul cried: "Enough, already!" And it was. I had justified the longing for my ex as a need for "closure" when in truth...

Six ways to lure him back into your life

You dumped him. Now you've changed your mind. You want him back but begging or bombarding him with text messages will only give him the upper hand. It's a good idea to...

High on the Hill

Was that an alphorn in his lederhosen, or was he just pleased to see me?...

Lay down your duster!

Caroline airs her dirty linen in public!

Bagged your stag?

Have your wedding at Lethabo Estate