Who is the Huntress

The huntress only dates men who represent some sort of an improvement in her circumstances. Ironically, her emboldened attitude means she has to practically beat potential suitors off with a stick. Men adore bold, self-possessed and independent women.

The huntress uses feminine wiles and a little witchery, along with the power tools of desire and imagination to shape her life. Her sense of self-esteem is intact. She has no need to sharpen her claws on the underdog to prove her prowess. She communicates with a cool half-smile.

The huntress makes up her own rules. She takes better care of herself than anyone else could. Her inner world is rich. Her outer world reflects that wealth. She wills what she wants into her life by acting as though she already has it. She believes the sun shines for her. She does whatever it takes to restore her equilibrium every day.

The huntress adores her own company and feels no need to churn through relationships hoping to hit on her perfect partner. Happily single, she views marriage as merely another share option in life's stock exchange.

The huntress she never looks as though she is trying too hard. Sure, she wants love but it's not her entire raison d'etre. She has other passions, interests and dreams. She knows that a well-planned, unintentional absence can have a more profound effect on the male libido than the sleekest designer dress or push-up bra.

The huntress takes care of her own needs first, which leaves her little time to waste on losers who don't appreciate her. As if!

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