The Art of Pouncing

Taking the initiative with a man is like taming a skittish stag. Don't startle him too soon. Your best approach is to tempt him with your wares. Display the bait then lie low for a while. Let him graze on the lush plains of his own fertile imagination. Men are hunters by nature and uncomfortable in the role of prey. A man confronted by a predatory woman will run faster than a looter dodging a police van.

Mathew nearly gave himself shin-splints in his dash for the door after Natalie intimated with a firm squeeze of his buttocks that more intimate discourse might not be unwelcome. "He couldn't get out of the house fast enough," she recalled.

Matt, a work colleague had asked Natalie for help with his tax. She invited home and made her move. "Perhaps I misread the situation," she mused but being a huntress, she did not dwell too on her quarry's motives for fleeing. "I'm not a doctor," she shrugged.

She did, however, leave a card on his desk the next morning that read: "Last night was fantastic. Such passion! Boy, was I completely fulfilled!"

Inside she wrote: "Pity you missed it, loser!"

All men need a nudge in the right direction but coming on too strong will terrify him witless. Subtlety is called for. Here are five tips:

1.Ask favours that appeal to his ego and expertise: Don't just invite him in "for coffee". If he's a nerd, ask him to set up Skype on your PC. This will take longer and is useful to you. If he succeeds, you can offer him coffee as a reward.

2.Let him think he is making all the moves. The huntress does not reveal her needs too soon. Keep your hands to yourself:

3.Laugh at his jokes: He needs you to find HIM witty and amusing, not vice versa. He will come to crave your approval, which can be withdrawn in a trice.

4.Silence is golden: If the conversation lulls, let it. He might be contemplating your beauty. Don't chase the moment away.

5.Ask a provocative question: How are you at foot rubs? Are you a good kisser? What time do you have to get up? You get the idea. If he doesn't respond to your satisfaction, yawn theatrically and show him the door immediately.

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