Men just use me

I am an attractive, successful woman of 24. I have been dating since I was 14 and have a six-year-old daughter. However, men only find me sexually attractive and never bother to get to know me better. Neither do they ever fall in love with me. Once they've bedded me, they call it quits for reasons they fail to explain. Now everybody thinks I just want to fool around and time and again I fall into arms of guys who just take me for a ride. I lose control over my feelings and suffer from low self-esteem. What can I do? (Micheleen)

If you don't want to be known as "the good time that was had by all" perhaps you should keep your underwear on a little longer. In short: stop having sex with men who don't care about you. If you persist in allowing men to treat you like a tart, why not start charging for your services? At least earn some money for your efforts. What's in it for you, otherwise? Men have to be taught how to respect you and if you sell yourself too cheaply by having sex with him just because he wants it, you will only get hurt. Where does what you want come into the equation? Letting guys use your body like a pit-stop will only lead to a further loss of self-esteem. Rather fall in love with yourself and write out the following words: 'I'm so gorgeous that wonderful men fall in love with me all the time.'

Stick the note to the bathroom mirror and say out loud every time you brush your teeth: Stick with it until it becomes true for you!

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