He's a lazy slob

My man and I have been together five years and have a four-year-old son. Things used to be good between us, but now it feels as though the chemistry has gone. We hardly communicate. He sits in front of the TV while I cook, clean, and look after our son.
He spends weekends with his friends getting drunk. He does not call me 'my darling' anymore and just tells me not to nag him or sulks if I ask for help. I can't remember when he last said he loved me. He used to take me everywhere, now he leaves me at home. I have not let myself run to fat. I make an effort with my appearance and get my hair done every month. I am doing everything I can to keep him interested but now I am out of ideas. I do not have the strength anymore. Huntress, please help me. (Alison)

Stop trying so hard. You have your hands full with your son, but it's your man behaving like the four-year-old -- sulking and refusing to take responsibility for the fruit of his loins. Who cares what he likes or doesn't like? You can't win either way. Stop trying to please him and please yourself instead. You work hard, you deserve a break. Visit a few girlfriends. Take your son with you, for a change of scenery.
In relationships you get treated the way you allow yourself to be treated. Tell your man to start being a proper father and help you around the house a bit more. Tell him you don't see any point in being with him otherwise. You have nothing to lose. Don't let him take you for granted. Stop relying on him and start living more independently. If this doesn't bring him to his senses, give him his marching orders and find a less selfish partner.

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