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Caroline Hurry

The purpose of life is to have fun: a glass or two of the fermented grape and great girlfriends for a good chortle over the foibles of life, love and the dearth of decent men. That’s how Handbook for the Huntress came about. Charlene, warrior writer, suggested between mouthfuls of sushi that I write a book on how to bag a good husband, thanks to (modest cough) my own success in that department.

As I chewed over the suggestion, Linda, the astrologer, prodded me with a chopstick causing me to painfully bite my cheek. "Yes," she agreed. "We'd all like to know how even you managed to snare a hunky Swedish toyboy."

"Actually, he’s Danish," I began. What did she mean by 'even' me?

"Whatever," she said. "The point is you’re neither a spring chicken nor a supermodel, so what’s the secret?"

Secret? Ah yes, there are a few, but luckily there’s less to enticing a man than having to leap out of a cake. Invest in a copy of Handbook for the Huntress and see for yourself.

More than about bagging a decent husband, Handbook for the Huntress is a witty reminder to live authentically. It’s an easy read, even if you just want to change your romantic life in small increments. You can pick and choose what you need from the book for a quick reminder. Oh, and it’s also totally dairy-free and non-fattening. Order Here.

My journalistic career, which spans nearly three decades over two centuries, includes being an agony aunt for magazines such as Men’s Health and True Love. Other publications I’ve worked for include The Star, Saturday Star, Femina, Woman&Home, Limpopo Living, Diversions and Habitat. In fact 26 years experience in writing, editing or producing pages for mainstream media has taught me exactly why some articles make it into the media and others don’t. Coming soon (er… when I’ve finished writing it) will be a no-holds-barred look at the relationship between PRs and journalists.

Apart from words, I enjoy exotic destinations, and experimenting with vegan recipes.

Welcome to my worlds!

Alert and on the prowl!

Open your mind to new information! Find happiness! Become a magnet for men who are worthy of your affections.